Austin D. Feight


I'm an avid hacker and constant inquirer, looking for something challenging to work on. I do a lot of work with mobile, particularly iOS even though I rock an HTC One. Always working on something, I've built apps on iOS, Android, Glass, Oculus, Mac, Rails and Django. I'm continually tinkering with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and Spark cores to automate my room, and currently splitting my free time between SoundCloud additions and hacking my drone with some PID control. I've taken classes on operating systems, security, web information systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


HomeEase pt.2

For Hack the North F14, we took apart an oven and a microwave in order to connect them to the internet using Spark cores. We were able to put Estimote beakons and on top of that to control the appliances automatically when you come home, or anywhere with your voice. You can watch the demo video here. Excuse the obscenity, we had recently found out the API was very robust and could handle almost anything you threw at it. We're thrilled to have our hack featured on Vice and's blog.

Arduino, C, Hardware Hacking, Spark,, Hack the North

HomeEase pt.1

Our MHacks IV hack was a laser-powered home automation system. Using two lasers at each "door", we were able to track direction of motion and count the occupancy of a room as people enter and exit. When you enter the room, the lights go on, and when you exit the room, the lights turn off. We also built ourselves a universal remote control to turn speakers on/off as you entered/exited the second room.

Arduino, C, Hardware Hacking, Lasers, IR Remote, MHacks

HomeEase pt.0

The video speaks for itself; I embarked upon my hardware journey by using a Raspberry Pi to control a relay that would turn my lights on or off. I ran a webserver on the Pi so that I could remotely control the lights using my computer or phone through Google Now.

Raspberry Pi, Hardware Hacking, Ruby

SoundCloud Pro

I use SoundCloud all the time, and rely on the stream to find new music. However, I found that there was no way to remove a song that I didn't like and my stream would be cluttered with bad songs. I built SoundCloud Pro to allow you to up/down vote songs on your stream, and if you downvote a song or playlist, you won't see or hear from it again. You can download it here. Enjoy!

Chrome Extension, JavaScript


I made this app for Penn Apps W14, you hit the camera button and the app will take a picture once all faces found are smiling and/or have their eyes open, as specified by the user. This app employs the use of the core image library's CIDetector to detect faces and the features from the faces found.

iOS, Objective-C, Core Image, PennApps


Built to mimic Aviate on chrome, Nomad feeds relevent information based on the time of day and your location. In the morning it'll feed you weather, news, and travel time to work. In the afternoon you'll get lunch recommendations and sports updates, and at night it shows a movie to watch and the bars nearby.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BoilerMake

My teammate Showcasing the app, tablet showing Glass display My teammate Showcasing the app, tablet mimicking Glass display.


MHacks F2013 - 2nd Place
Save My Glass was the project I worked on at MHacks along with another Michigan student. We made a HUD application for Google Glass that brought the user speed, RPM, and weather information without having to look away from the road. We were really focused on safety when building this app, so we used the accelerometer and attempted to use the eye proximity sensor to detect a user who is nodding off, promptly responding by flashing red and sounding an alarm to wake up the user. Lastly, when the app detected G-forces similar to that of a car accident, Save My Glass will contact 911 on the user’s behalf.
Look at this, someone already copied it! How flattering.
Android, Google Glass, MHacks


This is a little app I made for my girlfriend featuring the expanding cells I just worked on and like a lot. This has also been my first experience in trying out design for myself. I'm quite proud of it.

iOS, Objective-C, Parse, front-end


calenGrab was the project I built with one other Michigan student at Y-hack, in order to smooth out the process of inputting events into digital calendars. Doing this has in the past been time-consuming, tedious and annoying. Given an image of an event description or even an entire calendar, calenGrab processes the image, pulls out the text, and filters it corresponding to event fields (time, date, title, location) so that at a click of a button, the event is added into your calendar without having to type anything (or 5+ event fields). I really enjoyed working on this project because it required us a couple times to take a hard look at the possible data coming in so that we could recognize patterns and context clues that were characteristic of each event field in order to distinguish say “March 3” from “March of the Penguins 3”.

Ruby, Rails, Y-hack


My family likes to pick a target to spam with texts containing the letter 'p' because it is closest to the send button. I built an app to make my life easier when it happens. Input text, quantity, victims number, and hit send for some great fun.



iOS Instructor
Make School

I currently work at Make School, teaching students how to create their own iOS apps, taking them from "I've done a little programming" to "I have an app in the store"

JUNE 2015 - AUGUST 2015

Freelance iOS Developer
Lost in Flight Studios

I did freelance iOS work for the first half of 2015, gaining a lot of experience with Swift. Wish I could say more.

JANUARY 2015 - MAY 2015

iOS Developer - Intern

At Facebook I worked on Messenger for iOS, first improving the experience of the app when it goes in and out of network connectivity. I also worked on a large refactor of the code in order to make it more dynamic and reusable, allowing others to easily plug into the existing capabilities and build features on top of them.

Additionally, I participated in Facebook Hackathona and built a peer-to-peer messaging app that allows people to text each other in the absence of internet connectivity. We placed in the top 10 teams, and got to pitch the idea to Zuck because of that.

MAY 2014 - AUGUST 2014

Mobile Applications Developer - Intern
Detroit Labs

At Detroit Labs I built an iOS application to manage the company's work time breakdown and supported it with a Ruby / Sinatra backend that saves two man hours per week, per person for the bi-weekly meetings the app left obsolete. I also did work on a Rails application to automate test distribution.

MAY 2013 - AUGUST 2013

Mobile Web Developer - Intern
Marvel Technologies, Inc.

I was hired at Marvel Technologies to research the possibilities of HTML5-based apps for their potential growth in that area. I did a lot of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL on top of the JSF 2.x web framework.

JUNE 2012 - AUGUST 2012


B.S. Computer Science and Engineering
University of Michigan, GPA: 3.5

Too many hackathons to count

Founded Fuck it, Ship it

Computer Science Classes Taken:

  • ENGR 151: Accelerated Intro to Programming
  • EECS 203: Discrete Math
  • EECS 280/281: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • EECS 370: Computer Organization
  • EECS 376: Foundations of Computer Science
  • EECS 381: Object Oriented Advanced Programming
  • EECS 388: Computer Security
  • EECS 441: Mobile App Development for Entrepreneurs
  • EECS 482: Operating Systems
  • EECS 485: Web Databases and Information Systems
  • EECS 492: Artificial Intelligence
  • EECS 493: User Interface Development
  • EECS 545: Machine Learning

Other Classes I Enjoyed:

  • MKT 300: Marketing Management
  • ES 395: Entrepreneurial Management
  • MECHENG 211: Intro to Solid Mechanics
  • MECHENG 235: Thermodynamics I



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